Customer Journey Map

A useful tool to help you improve your products or services is an exercise of mapping out your customer journey or experience map. This activity allows you to look at the user’s interaction with your product or service from various angles and gives your team an opportunity to  innovate or improve upon it.

The customer journey map lays out the user’s experience from the initial contact with your brand and maps all the key interactions throughout the engagement.

If you look at all the training providers out there, there are many ways to do this and we’ve adapted our methodology to be able to map out a concise and useful summary of the customer journey / experience.


You can run this activity by:

  • Identifying a user journey you wish to improve upon
  • Gathering a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Decide which personas you would like for it to represent
  • Discuss as a group what are the key steps, tasks or interactions in this journey and select a member to write it out on post-its and stick them horizontally across the work area
  • Continue with the group discussion to map out touch points, thoughts, emotions and opportunities or new ideas in corresponding rows horizontally
  • Use a different colour post-it for the various emotions so you can quickly see where the areas of improvement are
  • Collaborate and focus on the opportunities for improvements or new ways of doing a task. These can later be evaluated, prioritized and taken up as separate projects.

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