About Us

Design Thinking or Human Centered Design has been all the rage in town these days.
Especially more so when we’re in the financial industry where FinTech has become a new buzzword and Digital Transformation is happening in all the major financial institutions.

Everyone is building an innovation lab, embarking on a digital journey to deliver Agile projects that are faster, and making it all happen with teams that are trained in Design Thinking or Human Centered Design so that the projects we build will not become white elephants of the past.

We at Design Thinking Out Of The Box (DTOOTB), are born of this era and strive to fuel this revolution. Our facilitators have decades of digital financial experience between us and fully believe that this is the way forward for the industry, or any other industry for that matter. Just look at all the disruption happening around us, FinTech, InsureTech, RegTech, LawTech, MediTech etc.

The challenge of driving transformational change to the way companies deliver products using Design Thinking is that every company tries very hard to train their staff for this new way of working. But the reality we have seen is that, unless you actually have an interest in this subject matter, attending a course isn’t going to transform the way everyone works in the company.

And that’s alright sometimes.

Maybe you just need to get a proper brainstorm or workshop done to include all your stakeholders so that the big idea you’re chasing is human centered and inclusive.  The power of collective wisdom is hard to deny. We have seen this for ourselves whenever we run workshops.

We want to share this experience with as many teams and companies as possible. To share the positive aspects of using Design Thinking to empower your innovation and improve your customer experience.

And we can do this Out Of The Box. Just drop us a line.