Our approach to setting up a short brainstorm (half-day) or a workshop (full-day) is to fully understand the business need and to frame up a problem statement which we will solve collaboratively as a team.

We will plan a series of Design Thinking activities that are ideal for the problem statement so that you will get an outcome of a list solutions for your project team to evaluate further or execute.

Some popular activities are Creating Personas, Empathy Mapping, Rose, Thorn, Bud, Abstraction Laddering, Importance Difficulty matrix and more.

The workshops are not meant to confirm a final solution with full specifications. You may need subsequent meetings between the stakeholders and this is better done at a project level with the team given the responsibility to execute the project.


Participants should come prepared to have some thoughts and ideas around the selected problem statement and be willing to contribute to this process. This is important as the human centered approach to brainstorming harnesses the collective wisdom of all the participants. Without a positive attitude and mindset, it will be hard to get breakthrough or innovative ideas from the session.


Depending on the problem we are trying to solve as a team, we can recommend either a half-day brainstorm (4 hours) or a full-day workshop (8 hours). Let us know the problem you are trying to solve and we will customize a program of activities to get the best out of your team.


Also depending on the size of the group, we’ll either have 1 or 2 facilitators manage the program to optimize the outcome of the workshop. All our facilitators have been trained by Luma and are well versed in the methods and activity management.


Typically a conducive room would be a meeting room, conference room or lounge with enough space for 2 teams of people to work on flip charts without getting in each others’ way.  We like to stick up the charts on the wall, so solid walls or glass walls are preferred. If you have a large enough space in your office, we’re happy to conduct the workshop on-site for you. If you don’t, there are always external options here , more colorful ones here or here. FYI DTOOTB is based in Singapore

Drop us a line to have a chat if you would like to experience innovation in action!